Almost Honey is a hardworking electro indie duo from Stockholm, driven by their love of sounds and everyday life. When you enter the sonic landscape of Almost Honey you will find an exactness of expression, playfulness with sounds and strong vocal performance and a unique sound that is hard to define, but easy to fall in love with.

The duo consists of Stina and Josefin who compose together and both contribute with vocals.

“The music ebbs and flows under the powerful, dream like vocals of both Josefin and Stina. The girls have found an effective song writing formula, their music so diverse that it would sound perfect in a dimly-lit club or poolside with a cocktail. Each song bringing its own raucous energy whilst being soul-soothingly cool.”
Lucy M Ireland –  Subculture.co.uk
“- Almost Honey takes Indietronica to perfection –
The Swedish electric indie pop scene is flourishing and Almost Honey is next in line to make it big. Their debut album ‘That Weary Heart Of Yours’ are following the tracks of northern song writing history at the same time as it takes the lead for a new generation of talented artists and songwriters.”
“They have their own unique style – you have never heard something like this before. Catchy electronic tunes, once you have heard these, there’s no return – you’re hooked.”
Jade Outsen, Promoter, Our City Radio
“Check out the great band Almost Honey. Like getting a electronic kiss with perfect harmonies and vocals.“
Whaam Team
…”This song’s strength is in its familiarity and it is heartbreakingly familiar. Stina Janson and Josefin G Nilsson’s vocal harmonies resonate within a shared human experience. The brief moments of vulnerability between two people that transcend the fear of being exposed. An intimacy untouched by the noise of the outside world. These are the infinite moments of inimitable beauty we pursue. The carefully constructed synth lines of “Sweetest Thing” are a cinematic bridge across our common ache of loneliness. Sparse single notes are held and shimmer during the break down. The bright stars in our memories that continue to live “For a thousand years”.”
For The Love Of Bands / review ‘Sweetest Thing’
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Right time and wrong place.
Wounds and common sense.
Politics and icing on the cake.
For all the sleeping beauties,
today and the next morning.
Harsh reality became Almost Honey,
Location: south of the south with an
ambition and aim to do exactly as it sounds.